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nCentivenCentive Technical Overview

nCentive is certainly one of the most flexible systems in existence for your relationship marketing needs. But what sets it apart is that it is designed and built with the utmost care to ensure that your sites are secure and that the information contained within them remains yours.

Security and Integrity

Data Security

All data of a potentially sensitive nature, including absolutely all personally identifiable information, is encrypted at the database level. As a result, even if a database server were somehow illegally accessed or physically stolen, the culprit would not have access to membership data.

To ensure maximal security without compromising lookup performance, all sensitive data is stored twice: once in a salted, symmetrically-encrypted format, and once as a one-way hash.

Network and Physical Security

All Splashdot servers are stored in a secure hosting facility, and protected by enterprise-class firewalls and network intrusion detection systems. Servers containing any sort of sensitive data are completely isolated from the DMZ, and therefore not in any way directly accessible via the Internet.

Promotional Integrity and Cheat-Prevention

Splashdot employs a multi-tiered approach to ensure that all contests and promotions are 100% secure against cheating and tampering. Some of these include: fuzzy logic checks built into the Draw system to ensure that entrants cannot participate multiple times; regular use of third-party Vulnerability Assessments to ensure that contest sites cannot be hacked; and routine internal "spot check" data audits performed throughout the duration of promotions.

Performance and Redundancy

Splashdot servers are organized into working pairs, with each pair serving a specific role: web application, database, or web services. Each pair of servers features load balancing, automatic failover, and/or mirroring to ensure maximal uptime, smooth disaster recovery, and high load capacity.

nCentive Administration

The Administration module is a secure web application and accessible only by specifically designated administrative users. The Administration application is itself highly modular, with role-based access to specific administration functions. These functions include: extensive Reporting; Contest and Game management, including contest draws; site Content Management; Member Search and management; and Email Campaign management.

nCentive Administration utilizes a sophisticated operating-system-like MDI (Multiple Document Interface) for maximal administrator productivity.

Service Oriented Architecture

nCentive is a service oriented system comprised of a number of web services, allowing for secure and flexible integration with client or third-party applications.