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What do we do?


Email is the most overused and most misunderstood method of communication today.

Splashdot understands the nuances of communicating through email and can show you how to do it effectively. From crafting the message, to creating a fully thought out email strategy we can make the process effortless and hugely rewarding.

By combining our experience in the field of email communication with our cutting edge designs we can ensure that your email stands out from the crowd and gets the results you're looking for.

Each of our emails is fully tested in all the popular email clients and is designed to avoid spam filters: your message will reach your customer!

Give us a shout to discuss how we can help bring your email campaigns up to speed.

How can nCentive help your email marketing campaigns?

nCentive is a hugely powerful tool designed to manage your email campaigns.

From creating the actual HTML code of the email, testing, setting up recipient lists (including "do-not-disturb" users), sending and managing the campaign statistics – we have streamlined the entire process for you.