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Why Splashdot?

Atlantic Lottery - Adding more value for players.

Jean-Marc Landry, Category Manager

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) manages lotteries for the four Atlantic Provinces in Canada.

The Project

We first worked with Splashdot in 2001 when we held our very first contest. The experience went so well, that we haven't used another provider since.

The 2nd Chance program came about because we were looking for a way to reward our loyal players, while other efforts were focused on player acquisition. Our focus was especially on the younger demographic of 19 – 34 year olds as this group was showing greater signs of apathy towards the category. We wanted to do something on a large-scale that produced real ROI, and of course, because we are a lottery, the campaign and associated data needed to be as secure as possible.

The Solution

The solution was 2nd Chance, Canada's first instant win loyalty site, encouraging consumers to register and enter their non-winning Scratch'N Win tickets online to win prizes. The promotion helped steer customers to their next purchase by creating a fun and engaging reason for them to continuously interact with us. The site first launched in 2010, and we just launched it again for the third consecutive year.

Splashdot created a microsite where users could sign up, fill in a short survey, enter their tickets for contest entries, and encourage their friends to do the same using a variety of social sharing tools. Their software program, nCentive, allowed us to go in and see up-to-date stats on entries, generate reports, look up ticket numbers, confirm instant winners, and look up player history whenever we wanted to.

The implementation and management of the whole project was extremely successful. We have never had anything but an exemplary experience with data management or security.

The Results

  • Over 131,000 members have signed up for 2nd Chance so far. Last year, over 38% of members returned from the 2010 promotion
  • Over 7 million Scratch'N Win tickets have been entered so far representing sales of over $21,000,000
  • The average member has entered almost 50 tickets
  • 30% of survey respondents stated that they specifically purchased Scratch'N Win tickets because of this promotion; 24% purchased more scratch tickets because of it.
  • 83% of 2011 members participated in our survey

We found that purchasing behavior of the 19 - 34 demographic was the most influenced by 2nd Chance. The value added to the ticket purchase by the promotion incentivized this age group to either purchase something they wouldn't usually consider, or purchase more. It's great consumer insight into our marketing efforts for the future.

Finally, the campaign has allowed us to nurture our customers to make them feel more comfortable with the concept of playing online, and we hope to continue to expose more of these consumers to our e-gaming property. In fact, we recently ran a great cross-promotion that resulted in an increase of almost 20% to our online transactional membership.