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Why Splashdot?

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG)
"Daily Spin to Win" Online Contest


The Daily Spin to Win online promotion campaign formed an integral part of OLG's promotional support of its Dailies brands. By offering a contest site that created a memorable experience for entrants by playing the "Spin to Win" Flash game to obtain their potential prize, the goal was to encourage daily play, thereby positively impacting sales and reinforcing brand messaging during the promotion period.

Promotion Details

Using OLG's existing Dailies brand visuals Splashdot was able to create an innovative, visually appealing site that captured players imagination and interest. A custom flash game was developed where players got a daily opportunity to spin and potentially win a different prize every day. Graphic reminders were added throughout the site to remind and reinforce to logged in members what their potential daily prizes were. No purchase necessary entry mechanisms were in place, as well as "email a friend" and "daily reminder" email components.

A short survey also played an important part of the registration flow, with 91% of users choosing to partake in it. This provided OLG with valuable marketing information on exactly who was using this promotion and what their buying habits were. Splashdot also handled the daily draws and management of the winners.


By taking an existing brand and adding innovative and engaging online elements Splashdot was able to provide OLG with substantial return on their investment. Sales records were surpassed along with registration expectations. Over 45,000 Ontario residents registered for the contest during the one month period the promotion ran – more than four times as many as OLG had the year before.

Splashdot is also extremely proud that the "Daily Spin to Win" site was submitted by OLG for a NASPL (North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries) Hickey award.