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Why Splashdot?

WestJet "Cranky Pants" Viral Email Campaign


When WestJet decided that they wanted an online campaign to coincide with a golf event they were sponsoring, they contacted Splashdot. As a last minute promotion with a limited budget, their expectations were low. However, they ended up with one of their most successful campaigns ever, on or off line.

Campaign Details

Because the sponsorship was golf-based, Splashdot decided to take a very different approach than a typical viral promotion. The company chose to link an email approach with an engaging viral game that became truly addictive, so much so that WestJet itself chose to block access to the site internally since too many internal employees began playing the game regularly during its two-week existence!

The campaign consisted of emails and a game where the consumer is controlling a character that is throwing their golf club as far as possible after something that any golfer is very familiar with - a bad shot. An innovative take on typical golf games, this provided an edgy, fun, simple but adrenaline packed activity that spread more quickly than any other campaign that WestJet had operated. Absolutely no advertising was done in this campaign. Outside of a small seed list, no other consumers were directly marketed to other than through the viral emails themselves.


From the small seed list, over 22,000 people registered in two weeks. Approximately 78% of the consumers that entered came from an email that a friend had sent them. Of all consumers that participated, over 89% registered for future communications. The sponsorship was also a great success.