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Cranky Pants (Viral throwing game)

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About the game


  • Simple, easy to play game with amazing replay value (try to play just once!)
  • Casual gameplay that the player can return to at any time
  • Uses humour to provide easy stress relief
  • Lends itself really well to sharing on social media, and challenging friends


Click the button at the right time to fix your club speed, then release to throw your golf club as far as possible. This simple action and varied results make for really engaging gameplay.

The game can record scores that can be posted to a leaderboard as well as to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Game background:

This game was first designed for a WestJet promotion as part of a viral contest-based microsite that was used to promote their sponsorship of a large Canadian golf tournament. It featured WestJet's well known sense of humour to engage players in a quick, fun, and challenging game. A viral sensation, this game put out some really impressive numbers and gave WestJet the hole-in-one they were looking for. Since then, it has become part of SplashDot’s stable of games that can be quickly adapted to a company’s brand and creative.

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