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Match for Money (Concentration game)

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About the game


  • Simple, easy to play game with amazing replay value
  • Immediate familiarity with "matching" game concept
  • Easily customizable to match client branding
  • Lends itself really well to sharing on social media, and challenging friends


After the images reveal themselves for a set amount of time, players are challenged to find the matching pairs within a set timeframe. Levels increase in difficulty as players advance.

The game can record scores that can be posted to a leaderboard as well as to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Game background:

The basic mechanics of this game have been implemented with many different types of brands. The latest incarnation, shown here, was used for a travel centric contest. Players immediate familiarity with the "matching" game concept ensured a high percentage of replays. Flexible creative assets were easily changed to meet the clients' requirements.