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Play With Your Brain (Top-down maze game)

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About the game


  • Requires the player's undivided attention, resulting in great recall of messages displayed in the game
  • Unique graphics provide a great opportunity for messaging – the maze can become the message!
  • Minimal learning curve and huge potential for repeat play


The game is designed to provide fluid gameplay through progressively harder levels, with different modes of difficulty.

Providing awesome opportunities for viral sharing, scores and level achievement can be posted to social media sites.

Game background:

This game was most recently used for Western Canadian Lottery Corporation (WCLC), when they decided to do a large promotion (online and offline) for their Sport Select brand using the tagline Play With Your Brain. This literal translation of that tagline offered players a fun, challenging game. The strong sport theme tied in perfectly with the marketing campaign and gave WCLC's customers a strong draw to return to the Play With Your Brain website.