Splashdot and Atlantic Lottery innovate the most customer-centric 2Chance platform in the program's illustrious eleven-year history.


MONCTON, NB, April 23, 2020 – Splashdot is excited to announce the launch of Atlantic Lottery’s eleventh-annual 2Chance digital engagement campaign, a yearly and year-long loyalty program designed to give lottery purchasers more chances to win cash and prizes. The campaign is the only one of its kind in North America to integrate retail and online play, and reward consumers however they purchase Atlantic Lottery’s products. In preparation for this year’s 2Chance, Atlantic Lottery (AL) conducted intensive customer interviews and usability testing sessions to ensure a genuine customer-centric program. Splashdot and AL then leveraged these insights and re-engineered the digital experience with a heavy focus on mobile simplicity to maximize customer convenience. This creative exploration resulted in Splashdot developing a mobile ticket scanner to support contest entry – the first mobile-web-supported API of its kind developed for a lottery corporation in North America.

Now a household favourite throughout the Atlantic provinces, 2Chance enables lottery purchasers to extend the joy of participating in lottery and gaming beyond the initial purchase. Customers earn flex entries into 2Chance through purchases made across all AL lines of business. These flex entries can be used to participate in a variety of cash and prize draws, and customers have the ability to move their contest entries around before the draw date, which increases customer engagement, As a fun, rewarding and value-added experience, 2Chance has become the gold-standard rewards program that incentivizes increased purchases while supporting responsible gaming.

“Going into this year’s 2Chance creative development, our goal with Atlantic Lottery was to simplify and magnify,” said Patrick Watson, President & CEO of Splashdot. “From the platform’s IA and UX to the graphics and messaging to the new mobile ticket scanning tool, our marketing and development teams were very successful in accomplishing a dramatic overhaul of the program. This reinvention has made everything easier and more intuitive for the user, while adding more value to consumers and to the lottery. Once again, Atlantic Lottery has raised the bar in providing one of the top loyalty experiences in North America for any lottery.”

Of equal importance to AL is the aggregating “known play” data garnered from 2Chance. AL is using 2Chance to learn and adapt to its changing customer base. These insights allow AL to develop a uniquely Atlantic Canadian flavour to their loyalty promotions, which has become increasingly important in fending off global competition via the web.

“Given that the majority of lottery purchases are completed anonymously offline, the holy grail for lottery marketers has been to gain a greater understanding of their customers,” said Katelyn Hebert, Database Marketing Specialist with Atlantic Lottery. “As an online, member-driven program, 2Chance has enabled us to grow our known play intelligence, which has become instrumental in driving growth. This ability to gain greater insights into known play has increased our brand relevance with our customers, made it easier to cross-promote our various products and drive digital acquisition.”

Usability testing conducted during this year’s program development revealed that 2Chance has successfully elevated customers’ perception of the AL brand, and has deepened consumer engagement throughout the program – an amazing accomplishment considering 2Chance is a year-long program and therefore increases engagement in perpetuity, year after year.

About Splashdot:
Splashdot is Canada’s leading provider of digital contests, customer engagement and loyalty environments for the lottery and gaming industry. The company’s secure nCentive platform is used almost unilaterally in Canada to host digital engagement solutions for every Canadian lottery jurisdiction – Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC, British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) and Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC).

About Atlantic Lottery:
The four Atlantic provincial governments established Atlantic Lottery on behalf of all Atlantic Canadians in 1976. The corporation’s mandate is to provide government regulated and responsible products for those Atlantic Canadians who choose to game and, through that effort, deliver 100% of lottery profits to the four provincial shareholders: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. After all business costs and bills are paid, everything that’s left goes back to these governments for hospitals, schools, roads, arenas, social programs and other services.

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